Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clientel project

Okay, lets make this short, sweet, and to the point. When doing the clientel project make sure you get into a group with hard workers. Step 2 make sure you understand the project in its entirity. Step 3, always make sure you have someone takeing notes on the project when it is introduced. Finally, start the project as soon as you can, believe me you don't want to put it off.
That is pretty much all of the advice i can think of for the moment, Good luck.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I am bored

When i am bored i come up with wierd ideas. Have you ever thought about ageing, exsistance, choices, and timelines. This is an interesting philisopichal idea that have been messing with. Suppose that we don't age how scientist say we do with the whole cell division thing, and i do not mean aging in the literal since on its own. Suppose that life is made up of many different paths and are choices send us down thoses paths, however are concences can only follow one path even though i believe their are many different paths therefor many different existences. Down each one of theses paths is a different you in literal, physical, emotional, mental, and spirital since. Now as you can see are being is made by are choices so are being is not be by one cell becoming two. Now that, that idea, has been pushed aside, lets talk about how we age into this being exam how are bodie ages and dies. In the beginning the changes are notable and fast later in life not so much. So how does this happen why change so early in the grand scheme of things. A simple explenation also has to do the the different existance parts mentioned earlier. As we all know according to religion we have a soul and cannot survive with out it. now when we are born we take one whole and pure soul and live with it. It is ours and we influence it. Now when We make are first concience and uninfluenced decesion, i believe that that soul splits or divides in half if you will. We follow the existance line of the choice we made and the half of the soul follows the other line of existance. So you see the soul constently divides from a half to a fourth to an eights etc... and the planes of existances also divide their pieces of souls. Now that we have that established you see that we age because the amount of soul in your body and why we age so fast early is because of the differences between whole and half are large where as later after many choices the difference between 1/16000000 and what ever comes after are small so less change in the being. And of course once the sliver of soul is not strong enough to support you anymore you die. As i said i am bored and could explain this in greater detail and depth in person

Sunday, November 18, 2007

i read the article on application personalities and i must say that it was hard to reflect on it at the time that i am writing it now, just because of the game last night and how i am feeling this morning. However i will try my best to reflect on the matter. I agree with the employeers, they may have plenty of room to employe people but they really need to be picky when they higher someone. They need to higher someone who will be able to contribute the necessary skill to help the business grow and succeed. Lets face it the business world has gotten more competitve so they need to be picky in who they give a job to.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Duel Coding

A prime example of Duel coding in advertisement are sport comercials. You know when they advertise a product by using a star athlete or a team that is doing well. That way whenever you think of that team or watch them play you automatically think of that commercial and the product that it was selling. Most americans are really into sports to begin with so it is of know suprise that people use this for their advertisement. Let me give you an example, what do you think of when you hear the word Nike, well since i am a big basketball fan i think of micheal Jordan. He has done so many nike commercials that they started to name the shoes after him (air jordans). So in other words they are persuasive because of his celebrity status.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Group work doesn't require to much to work. You just have to be flexiable and take everyones point of view into consideration. You must also put your fair share of work in. do these to things and everything will work out. So far our group has not had any difficulties in any shape or form, involving group work, no miscommunications at all. The only thing that has been troubling us is just getting time to meet. If we can't do that then we have to use other forms of communications such as cell phone and e-mail. I believe that our success is due to the fact that we all know one another. Other than that haven't really learned anything new about group work.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

free speech in the classroom

This week i was given a project in my classroom, it was a speech to be presented. The speech was a persuasive one were you must pick a side. Now normally this is a normal project for most people, however there were some stipulations to go along with it. We were not allowed to touch certain topics no matter if we choose the pro or con side of the argument. Topics given to us to avoid were such things as abortion and religon along with many more. Now i do respect this, but at the same time should we not be treated as adults. As adults we should be able to argue are views on the matter with out anything more than an argument from the opposing side, and part of being an adult is tolerance and/or acceptance of anothers point of view. Now i just wrote this because it was a free write this week for class however if anyone feels like answering whether or not they agree or disagree i say go for it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007